Ansari X prize, a good example of prototype to prove technical feasability

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Do you think this is good PR or bad PR?

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Matthijs talked about simulations

Here is the experience of Dennis and Valerio with the simulation of being old

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Help us decide the skills workshop subjects for next weeks: vote (max 5)

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Empathy vs Sympathy

This is a great video with a short and to the point explanation of the difference between empathy and sympathy. When you are interviewing for your research of course you are not trying to reach out in the same way as here. But the difference in perspective is similar. Are you looking down through the hole in the ground or did you go down the ladder to sit next to the person?

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Storytelling workshop

Some pics in order to remember the fun and great lessons of our storytelling workshop with Simon Hodges.
The insights with regards presenting your story that I wrote down were:
– Engage the emotional material available
– Stand well (two feet firmly on the ground)
– Look your audience in the eye
– Enjoy it
– Look for points of energy, not for information

Don’t hesitate to share your lessons learned in the comments. Or tell a story!







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A little bit more about personas

Making personas will be very helpfull in your process. You can keep coming back to your personas to check if you are still going in the right direction. We won’t do any persona building workshop because we expect you to have some background or experience with personas based on what you have studied before.

But if you need to refresh your memory or didn’t have that experience before, here are some resources to help you with that.

If you just want to get into it you might want to read this Persona 101 which is a good starter and has some interesting examples.

More in-depth is this great blog bij Alexander Cowan. I especially like his distinction between ‘plastic’and ‘organic’ personas. Indeed plastic is not good enough! Please note that the design process that he uses is somewhat different from ours. Don’t get confused but focus on the persona aspects.

The website of this UX Lady has a very helpful step-by-step guide. Be aware that maybe not all elements of this step-by-step guide apply to YOUR design process but add or leave out elements where appropriate.

Please share oter interesting sources on Persona in the comments and I will include them in the post!

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